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FotoReynaldo Daniel Pinto
Professor Associado MS-5-1

Email: reynaldoifsc.usp.br   
Fone: +55 16 3373-8729

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FCI/FCIA - Grupo de Física Computacional e Instrumentação Aplicada

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Associate Professor at the University of São Paulo at the Department of Physics and Informatics of the Institute of Physics of São Carlos. He graduated in Physics from the University of São Paulo (1993) and received his doctorate in Physics from the University of São Paulo (1999) in the area of ??experimental nonlinear dynamic systems. He was a postdoc at the Non-Linear Science Institute of the University of California, San Diego from 1999 to 2001 where he worked with Experimental Neuroscience. He defended his Free Teaching thesis "From Chaos to Nonlinear Dynamics of Biological Neural Networks: the implementation of a new line of research at LFNL-IFUSP" in 2005. He moved from IFUSP to IFSC in September 2008. He has experience in Areas of Physics and Neuroscience, with emphasis on Dynamic Systems and Chaos. It works mainly in the following subjects: dynamic systems, experimental chaos, biological neural networks, generating centers of motor standards, information theory and real-time interaction between computers and biological neural networks. It has 35 articles published in indexed journals that were quoted more than 970 times (according to Google Scholar on 07/07/16), resulting in an H = 17 factor.
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Instituto de Física de São Carlos - IFSC Universidade de São Paulo - USP
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