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FotoRoberto Nicolau Onody
Professor Sênior

Email: onodyifsc.usp.br   
Fone: +55 16 3373-9873 

Lattes Lattes

FCI/FT - Grupo de Física Teórica

Áreas e Linhas de Pesquisa:

Redes Complexas.
Algorítmos de otimização aplicados em sistemas físicos e biológicos.
Modelos evolucionários de envelhecimento.

CV resumido:

Roberto Nicolau Onody is Associate Professor Retired at the University of São Paulo. He completed his doctorate in Physics [São Carlos] by the University of São Paulo in 1984. He published 34 articles in specialized periodicals and 6 works in annals of events. It has 1 item of technical production. Participated in 23 events in Brazil and 9 abroad. Guided 6 Master's Dissertations, 4 Doctoral Theses and co-oriented 1 Doctoral Thesis in the area of ??Physics. He works in the area of ??Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics. In his professional activities he interacted with 16 collaborators in co-authorship of scientific works. In its Lattes curriculum, the most frequent terms in the contextualization of Scientific and Technological Production are: Phase Transition, Critical Phenomena, Complex Networks, Porous Media, Polymers, Exactly Soluble Models, Econophysics, Evolutionary Models of Aging, Series Expansion and Percolation . Horacio C. Panepucci Award for best teacher of the Physical and Biomolecular Sciences course of 2015 (class of 2013).
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