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FotoRoberto Mendonça Faria
Professor Titular MS-6

Email: fariaifsc.usp.br   
Fone: +55 16 3373-9825 ramal: 213

Lattes Lattes   ORCID

FCM/GP - Grupo de Polímeros "Prof. Bernhard Gross"


Áreas e Linhas de Pesquisa:

Polímeros para Isolação Elétrica.
Dispositivos Eletrônicos, Optoeletrônicos de Polímeros Condutores e Luminescentes.
Polímeros Condutores.
Polímeros luminescentes: síntese, caracterização e dispositivos.
Filmes nanoestruturados de Langmuir, Langmuir-Blodgett e automontados.
Dispositivos Eletrônicos Orgânicos.

CV resumido:

Full professor at the University of São Paulo since 1999. He was director of the Institute of Physics of São Carlos (2002-2006) and Coordinator of the Institute for Advanced Studies at USP, São Carlos (2010-2014). Coordinates the National Institute for Science and Technology on Organic Electronics, which consists of more than 35 research groups in Brazil. Is the president of the Brazilian Material Research Society (SBPMat). It was recently Chair of the "Spring Meeting of the European Materials Research Society - 2014", in Lille-France. It belongs to the Advisory Editorial Board of Materials Science. Member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and the State of São Paulo Academy of Sciences. He has supervised 27 doctoral theses, 20 dissertations and more than two dozen post-doctorates. It has published about 180 scientific papers in indexed journals.
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