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SU(4)-symmetric spin-orbital liquids on the hyperhoneycomb lattice.
NATORI, Willian M. H.; ANDRADE, Eric de Castro e; PEREIRA, Rodrigo Gonçalves.
Abstract: We study the effective spin-orbital model that describes the magnetism of 4d1 or 5d1 Mott insulators in ideal tricoordinated lattices. In the limit of vanishing Hund?s coupling, the model has an emergent SU(4) symmetry, which is made explicit by means of a Klein transformation on pseudospin degrees of freedom. Taking the hyperhoneycomb lattice as an example, we employ parton constructions with fermionic representations of the pseudospin operators to investigate possible quantum spin-orbital liquid states. We then use variational Monte Carlo (VMC) methods to compute the energies of the projected wave functions. Our numerical results show that the lowest-energy quantum liquid corresponds to a zero-flux state with a Fermi surface of four-color fermionic partons. In spite of the Fermi surface, we demonstrate that this state is stable against tetramerization. A combination of linear flavor wave theory and VMC applied to the complete microscopic model also shows that this liquid state is stable against the formation of collinear long-range order.
Physical Review B
v. 98, n. 19, p. 195113-1-195113-14 - Ano: 2018
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