The structure of disciplines of the program is based on the flexibility of student training, since the program is highly multi and interdisciplinary. In view of the diversity of areas and emphases, the program can not have a highly rigid curricular aspect as modern scientific knowledge advances rapidly and academic training must accompany these advances.

In this way, the students have a grid where compulsory subjects for each area / emphasis are offered semiannually, constituting the expected basic formation of the student. On this solid basis, which counts on previous good quality training, the student, in agreement with the supervisor, decides on what should be the optional subjects to be taken to complete the number of credits required and that will aid in the development of his project of research.

This structure allows the adaptation, within well defined limits, of the formation of the student to the best profile desired.

Graduate Program Disciplines Catalogue

Basic Physics Area

SFI5865           Quantum computing via nuclear magnetic resonance

SFI5708           Electromagnetism A

SFI5830           Quantum Electronics

SFI5777           Teaching of Experimental Physics

SFI5711            Solid State B

SFI5783           Solid State C

SFI5864           Electronic structure of atoms, molecules and solids via density of functional theory

SFI5862           Computational Physics

SFI5877           Interaction of light with matter: fundamentals and applications

SFI5814           Introduction to Molecular Atomic Physics

SFI5870           Introduction to Curved Space-Time Physics

SFI5704           Statistical Mechanics A

SFI5838           Advanced Statistical Mechanics

SFI5707           Quantum Mechanics B

SFI5833           Relativistic Quantum Mechanics

SFI5784           Mathematical Physics Methods

SFI5714           Experimental Methods A

SFI5715           Experimental Methods B

SFI5856           General Relativity I

SFI5858           General Relativity II

SFI5776           Advanced Field Theory and Phase Transitions Seminars

SFI5744           Graduate Seminars

SFI5723           Solid State Seminars

SFI5874           Open Quantum Systems

SFI5873           Statistical field theory

SFI5749           Fields Theory

SFI5759           Theory of Phase Transition and Critical Phenomena

SFI5804           Binding Field Theory

SFI5823           Groups Theory

SFI5876           Non-Abelian Gauge Theories and Solitons

SFI5731           Topics in Solid State Physics

SFI5860           Topics in Modern Physics I

SFI5734           Topics in Theory of Many Bodies

SFI5832           Topics in Theory of Stochastic Processes

Applied Physics Area

SFI5817           Advanced Computer Architectures

SFI5839           Biomolecules: Structure and Function

SFI5863           Enzymatic Kinetics: Fundamentals and Applications

SFI5794           Conformation of Biological Molecules

SFI5840           Crystallography of Macromolecules

SFI5846           Crystallography of Small Molecules

SFI5751           Physical Crystallography

SFI5772           Electronic Instrumental

SFI5812           High Resolution Spectroscopy in Solids by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

SFI5800           Physical Spectroscopy

SFI5807           Structure of Vitreous Materials

SFI5841           Structure and Function of Proteins

SFI5762           Structure and Property of Glass

SFI5732           Structure and Physical Properties of Biopolymers

SFI5868           Ethics in the Natural Sciences

SFI5842           Evolution of Proteins

SFI5867           ThinFilm Physics 1 – Amorphous Semiconductors

SFI5796           Physics of Semiconductor Devices

SFI5769           Physics-Chemistry and Thermodynamics of Solids

SFI5859           Fundamentals of Computational Physics

SFI5824           History of Experimental Physics

SFI5821           Instrumentation for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

SFI5844           Introduction to Structural Crystallography

SFI5822           Introduction to Parallel Programming

SFI5809           Introduction to crystal growth theory and practice

SFI5871           Introduction to wavelet transform and applications

SFI5792           Introduction to Microprocessors

SFI5834           Introduction to Electronic-Semiconductor Properties

SFI5825           Introduction to the Techniques of Recombinant Dna and Molecular Biology

SFI5774           Applied Quantum Mechanics

SFI5831           Magnetic Resonance Imaging Methods

SFI5845           Molecular Modeling of Proteins

SFI5799           Nonlinear Optics

SFI5848           Rational Planning of Drugs and Vaccines

SFI5813           Practices of Physics Teaching

SFI5836           Pedagogical Practices & Communication and Oral Expression

SFI5797           Principles of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

SFI5787           Signal Processing

SFI5872           Digital Audio and Voice Processing

SFI5788           Advanced Projects with Microprocessors

SFI5808           Physical Properties of Polymers

SFI5806           Physical Properties of Vitreous Materials

SFI5849           Purification and Characterization of Biomolecules

SFI5866           Medicinal Chemistry: Fundamentals of Drug Planning

SFI5850           Synchrotron Radiation in Structural Biology

SFI5811           Nuclear Magnetic Relaxation

SFI5847           Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Applied to the Study of Biomolecules

SFI5851           Electronic Paramagnetic Resonance (RPE) applied to the study of biomolecules

SFI5857           Seminars in Bioinformatics

SFI5852           Crystal Symmetry

SFI5843           Systems for expression of heterologous proteins

SFI5869           Scientific Writing Techniques in English

SFI5738           Experimental Techniques of Physics Applied to Biology

SFI5853           Physical Techniques Applied to Structural Biology

SFI5854           Thermodynamics of Biological Systems

SFI5789           Advanced Topics in Microprocessors

SFI5757           Topics in Biophysics

SFI5793           Topics in Crystal Growth

SFI5736           Topics in Crystallography

SFI5855           Topics in Biomolecular Physics

SFI5861           Topics in Modern Physics II

SFI5820           Transformations and their Applications in Vision

SFI5818           Natural and Artificial Vision

SFI5855           Topics in Biomolecular Physics

SFI5818           Natural and Artificial Vision


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