Sonophotodynamic inactivation: the power of light and ultrasound in the battle against microorganisms.
ALVES, Fernanda; PONCE, Erika; PRATAVIEIRA, Sebastião.
Abstract: The inactivation of pathogenic microorganisms that are a threat to the human being is an old challenge that needs to be overcome, mainly because microorganisms are able to develop resistance that leads to the failure of the treatment. Moreover, the biofilm living form is a complex microorganism community that is less suscep- tible to antimicrobials agents. For this reason, the search for alternative therapies that are not able to induce resistance and have the ability to inactivate the biofilms is unquestionably needed. In this review, Photodynamic and Sonodynamic Inactivation (PDI and SDI) are suggested as promising antimicrobial approaches. However, the use of the combined therapy, called Sonophotodynamic Inactivation (SPDI), is reinforced and encouraged for microbial diseases. As long as SPDI has been demonstrated to be more effective in inactivating microorganisms than PDI and SDI, it is allowed to reduce the time and parameters of the treatment, turning this therapy safer for mammalian cells.
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology
v. 7, p. 100039-1-100039-9 - Ano: 2021
    @article={003030413,author = {ALVES, Fernanda; PONCE, Erika; PRATAVIEIRA, Sebastião.},title={Sonophotodynamic inactivation: the power of light and ultrasound in the battle against microorganisms},journal={Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology},note={v. 7, p. 100039-1-100039-9},year={2021}}

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