Spontaneously vectorized Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet black holes.
BARTON, Simon; HARTMANN, Betti; KLEIHAUS, Burkhard; KUNZ, Jutta.
Abstract: We construct spontaneously vectorized black holes where a real vector field is coupled to the Gauss-Bonnet invariant. We employ three coupling functions for the vector field, and determine the respective domains of existence of the vectorized black holes. These domains of existence are bounded by the marginally stable Schwarzschild black holes and the critical vectorized black holes. We also address the effects of a mass term. For a given black hole mass the horizon radius is smaller for the vectorized black holes than for the Schwarzschild black holes. Since the vector field vanishes at the horizon, there is no contribution from the Gauss-Bonnet term to the entropy of the vectorized black holes.
Physics Letters B
v. 817, p. 136336-1-136336-8 - Ano: 2021
Fator de Impacto: 4,384
    @article={003029874,author = {BARTON, Simon; HARTMANN, Betti; KLEIHAUS, Burkhard; KUNZ, Jutta.},title={Spontaneously vectorized Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet black holes},journal={Physics Letters B},note={v. 817, p. 136336-1-136336-8},year={2021}}

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