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FotoOtaciro Rangel Nascimento

Phone: +55 16 3373-9838

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Group of Biophysics and Structural Biology

Research Areas:

Spectroscopy applied to biological systems.
Applications of the Electronic Magnetic Resonance Technique in its Pulsed and Conventional modes to the study of Metalloproteins.
Dynamics of spins of paramagnetic centers in humic substances and polymer systems.
Metallic coordination complexes with small binders of biological interest (Cu, Mn, VO, etc ... amino acids, dipeptides, etc ...).
Comparative study of hemoproteins and iron proteins of different species under the action of different conformational modulators.
Studies of oxy-reduction processes and reaction mechanisms of porphyrins models.
Metal complexes of Cu (II) and Zn (II) ions with biologically active peptides.
Formation and characterization of ruthenium complexes with valences II and III with different ligands.
Studies of metal complexation and mechanisms of permeation of small molecules of spin markers through mucilages layers of unicellular freshwater algae.
Structural and functional studies of lectins extracted from hard seeds of fruits and plants.
Investigation of metallic and insulating states in conductive polymers and others.
Structure and dynamics of spins of paramagnetic centers through pulsed electronic paramagnetic resonance.


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