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Group of Crystallography

Research Areas:

Development and characterization of new solid multi-component forms of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredientes (API) with improved pharmacokinetic and pharmacotechnical properties

Design and characterization of Metalorganic Frameworks (MFO)

Study of Coordination complexes with catalytic and biological properties incluiding the the study of Matellodurgs

Experimental and theoretical studies of eléctron charge density of pharmacological compounds.


(Phd Physics) Bacherol in physics from the Universidad Nacional de La Plata in 1993, Phd in crystallography from the same institution in 1998. Since 2002 is a faculty member of the São Carlos Institute of Physics (IFSC) at the University of São Paulo. Vice-president of the IFSC Graduate Commission between 2016 -2018. Current President of the IFSC Graduate Commission. Its main line of research involves the development and characterization of new solid multi-component forms of active pharmaceutical ingredients with improved pharmacokinetic and pharmaco-technical properties. He is currently the coordinator of the Structural Crystallography Laboratory of the IFSC-USP (LaMuCrEs) (the oldest structural crystallography laboratory in Brazil), level IB researcher at of CNPq. It has more than 474 (WOS), 1100 (Google Scholar) peer-review scientific publications in indexed journals with more than 6280 citations (WOS), 8130 (Google Scholar) and an H index of 37 (WOS), 42 (Google Scholar). Vice-President of the Brazilian Crystallographic Association Member of the Structural Chemistry Commission of the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) and Co-editor of Acta Crystallographica E - IUCR Journals. He was member of the X-ray Diffraction Committee of the National Light Synchrotron Laboratory and co-organizer of the I and II Latin American Symposium on Polymorphism and Crystallization in Drugs and Medications (LAPOLC 2007 and LAPOLC 2009) as well as the IUCr High-Pressure Workshop. 2015, 1st and 3st Latinoamerican Crystallographic Association School on Small Molecules Crystallography. He also acts as reviewer of international scientific journals as well as ad hoc consultant of governmental institutions and advisor of several institutions and companies. Other lines of research include the design and characterization of the Metalorganic Frameworks (MFO) and the study and characterization of Natural Minerals being currently the vice-coordinator of the Center for Characterization of Mineral Species (http://www. His research lines also involve also the experimental and theoretical analysis of the electron charge density of compounds with biological activity or nonlinear optical properties. He was Secretary for Teaching Affairs of the Brazilian Association of Crystallography, and is currently member of the executive council of that institution. Currently coordinates a PRONEX FAPESP/CNPQ Project in the area of Development of New Inorganic Chemotherapeutics. Other lines of activity include the design and characterization of 3D Metal-Organic Coordination Complexes (Metal Organic Frameworks, MOF) and the study and characterization of Natural minerals, currently being deputy coordinator of the Mineral Species Characterization Center (http://www He also has extensive experience in very varied topics such as the study of chelating ligand complexes with heavy metals, catalytic and biological properties of coordination complexes containing, for example, Ru, Cu, V, Ni, etc. He also researches in the area of theoretical and experimental analysis of the electronic charge density of compounds with biological activity or non-linear optical properties. He was a member of the X-ray Diffraction Committee of the National Synchrotron Light Laboratory, served as deputy coordinator of the IFSC Postgraduate program from 2016 to 2018. He has supervised 7 doctoral theses, 10 master's degrees and 38 Scientific Initiations.
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