Group of Polymers “Prof. Bernhard Gross” (PO)

Secretariat office:
Rosangela Maria Marcondes de Oliveira –
Phone: +55 16 3373-9825 (branch 210)

The Group of Polymers “Prof. Bernhard Gross “was created in the middle of the 70’s, at the initiative of Profs. Guilherme F. Leal Ferreira and Milton S. Campos, from the visits of Prof. Bernhard Gross to São Carlos. In their first works, members of the Group acted in the study of electrical properties of insulating polymers, their theoretical, experimental aspects and applications of the electrets.

From the end of the 1980s, the Group’s areas of activity were significantly extended with the study of new materials such as ferroelectric polymers, electron-conducting polymers, ultra-thin films obtained by Langmuir-Blodgett and self-assembly techniques, Polymers of interest for non-linear optics and luminescent polymers. With these new lines of research, a scientific interaction with several international groups emerged, intense collaboration with chemists to master the techniques of synthesis and processing and characterization of new materials.

The Polymer Group has 5 researchers, collaborating researchers, postdoctoral researchers and visitors. It has an experimental infrastructure such as a chemistry laboratory, clean rooms, fine film preparation techniques, LB film preparation tanks, electrical and electro-optical equipment, and polymer characterization. He also has a technician in organic chemistry (with doctor level) and three specialized technicians.

In the Polymer Group, around eighty theses and dissertations have already been oriented and more than two hundred articles have been published in indexed journals.

  Faculty Staff   Phone
Débora Gonçalves+55 16 33739803
Gregório Couto Faria+55 16 33739805
Osvaldo Novais de Oliveira Junior+55 16 33739798
Paulo Barbeitas Miranda+55 16 33739804
Roberto Mendonça Faria+55 16 33739799
  Research and Administrative Staff   Ramal
Bruno Bassi Millan Torres+55 16 33738061
Debora Terezia Balogh+55 16 33738062
José Roberto Bertho+55 16 33736667
Marcos Felipe Bom Sampaio+55 16 33738061
Nibio José Mangerona+55 16 33739832
Rosangela Maria Marcondes de Oliveira+55 16 33739825
Simone Ferreira dos Reis+55 16 33739797
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