Group of Photonics (FO)

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Lino Misoguti

Secretariat office:
Daniel Foschini Pereira –
Phone: +55 16 3373-8085 (branch 211)


In the Photonics Group, there are several lines of research involving the study of the interaction of radiation with matter in which the use of laser radiation (continuous or pulsed) of different wavelengths is made. Lines of research such as nonlinear optics, time resolved spectroscopy, atomic physics, photopolymerization and laser induced microfabrication are some examples. Researches with basic and applied science are developed in the Photonics Group.

Currently, the Photonics Group has six researchers, one technician and one technician in electronics, as well as external collaborators and postdoctoral students. As part of external cooperation, the Group participates, for example, in the National Institute of Science and Technology of Photonics (INCT-CNPq). It has in its infrastructure continuous laser systems in different pulsed wavelengths ranging from 10ns to 15fs, including low and high potential. It also has a wide range of precision optical equipment such as spectrofluorimeters, refractometers, spectrophotometers in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared region, confocal microscope. etc.

It is also the responsibility of the Photonics Group the Optics Workshop, created in 1984, in a collective effort of the members of the then Optics Group. This workshop has equipment for the evaporation of thin films, machines for the manufacture of precision optical components and optical quality testing equipment. Over the years, it has been supporting research groups in universities and industries in Brazil, producing precision components and offering specialized services in the field of optics.

  Faculty Staff   Phone
Cleber Renato Mendonça+55 16 33738077
Leonardo De Boni+55 16 33739830
Lino Misoguti+55 16 33738014
Luis Gustavo Marcassa+55 16 33739806
Sérgio Carlos Zilio+55 16 33738085
  Research and Administrative Staff   Ramal
André Luís dos Santos Romero+55 16 33739807
Daniel Foschini Pereira+55 16 33738085
Marcos Roberto Cardoso+55 16 33648052
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