Group of Crystallography (GC)

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Adriano Defini Andricopulo

FCI3 Secretariat – Campus I:
Thais de Souza Pinto –
Phone:  +55 16 3373-9876

Patricia Giannini Ferreira –
Phone:  +55 16 3373-9881

FCI3 Finances – Campus I:
André Nito Assada –
Phone: +55 16 3373-8809

FCI2 Secretariat – Campus II:
Lhaís Visentin –
Phone: +55 16 3373-9874 or 3373-9875

FCI2 Finances – Campus II:
Claudia de Oliveira Bueno Motta –
Phone: +55 16 3373-8010

Laboratório Multiusuário de Cristalografia Estrutural:

The Group of Crystallography continues its research, teaching and extension activities in the areas of Structural Crystallography, Crystallography in Materials Science, Crystallography of Proteins, Molecular Modeling, Molecular Biology and Rational Planning of Drugs and Vaccines. The group is characterized by its excellent scientific productivity, great involvement in the training of masters and doctors, excellent levels of funding from the development agencies and the development of technological innovation projects in partnership with companies.

We have developed the Molecular Structural Biotechnology Center project, one of FAPESP’s CEPIDs (Research, Innovation and Diffusion Centers), with several research projects and dissemination activities. One of the activities related to diffusion generated patented protein molecular model kits.

In the area of ​​Structural Crystallography, led by Prof. Eduardo E.rnesto Castellano, it is worth mentioning the obtaining of a research project with international financing, by the European Community, for a period of 3 years. Also in this area was hired a new teacher, Dr. Javier Ellena, by selection process.

The area of ​​Materials Science continues to be led by Profa. Yvonne P. Mascarenhas, who continues with several research activities, even with compulsory retirement.

Areas of expertise:
X-ray diffraction in monocrystals, Small Molecule Structure, X-ray Diffraction by polycrystalline materials, Rietveld Method, Low Angle X-ray Scattering, Protein Crystallography, Molecular Biology, Genomic Sequencing, Protein Biochemistry, Rational Planning of Drugs and Vaccines, Medicinal and Computational Chemistry, Molecular Modeling of Proteins.

IFSC Building Area 1
  Faculty Staff   Phone
Eduardo Ernesto Castellano+55 16 33739888
Javier Alcides Ellena+55 16 33738096
Yvonne Primerano Mascarenhas+55 16 33739887
  Research and Administrative Staff   Phone
Ailton Batista Alves+55 16 33739865
José Augusto Lopes da Rocha+55 16 33739865

IFSC Building CFBio Area 2
  Faculty Staff   Phone
Adriano Defini Andricopulo+55 16 33738095
Alessandro Silva Nascimento+55 16 33648075
Andre Luis Berteli Ambrosio+55 16 33736828
Glaucius Oliva+55 16 33736664
Ilana Lopes Baratella da Cunha Camargo+55 16 33738654
Leonardo Luiz Gomes Ferreira+55 16 33739855
Rafael Victório Carvalho Guido+55 16 33738673
  Research and Administrative Staff   Phone
Livia Regina Manzine Margarido+55 16 33736725
Renata Krogh Andricopulo+55 16 33739844
Simone Michelan Duarte+55 16 33739844
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