Group of Nanomaterials and Advanced Ceramics

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Renato Vitalino Gonçalves

Secretariat office:
Erica Regina de Favari Signini –
Phone: +55 16 3373-9828


The Nanomaterials and Advanced Ceramics Research Group (NaCA) focuses on the synthesis, processing, and investigation of the physicochemical properties of monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and amorphous semiconductor materials. Our research focuses mostly on nano (10-9 m) and micro (10-6 m) scale of transition metal oxide semiconductor materials, whose physical characteristics can be controlled by the presence of crystallographic, doping and chemical defects. Ferroelectric materials, dielectrics, B2O3-based glasses, gas sensors, renewable energy (H2 generation and CO2 photoconversion by artificial photosynthesis), photocatalysis, heterostructures for use in dentistry, and biocompatible implants are among the topics addressed by NaCA’s research group. Figure depicts the principal research areas, materials, characterization and applications:

IFSC Building CFBio Area 2
  Faculty Staff   Phone
Antonio Carlos Hernandes+55 16 33739796
Jean Claude M`Peko+55 16 33736759
José Pedro Andreeta+55 16 33736758
Renato Vitalino Gonçalves+55 16 33736761
Valmor Roberto Mastelaro+55 16 33739755
  Research and Administrative Staff   Phone
Elderson Cássio Domenicucci+55 16 33739791
Erica Regina de Favari Signini+55 16 33739828
Geraldo José Mangerona Frigo+55 16 33739809
Luís Carlos Caraschi+55 16 33739793
Maria Inês Basso Bernardi+55 16 33736768
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