Group of Interdisciplinary Computing

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Luciano da Fontoura Costa

Secretariat office:
Lívia Ricci Costa –
Phone: +55 16 3373-9878

The Group of Interdisciplinary Computation presents a highly multidisciplinary nature in its performance and composition. Assisted by modern computing infrastructure including four clusters, engineers, physicists and computer scientists develop and apply modern computational techniques in various areas of physics, biology and materials science, among others.

In the Parallel Applied Processing Laboratory (, the aim is to simplify the development of programs for parallel systems (such as computational clusters), mainly through the use of object-oriented techniques . It emphasizes the integration of these developments with the development of scientific applications, taking advantage of the experience gained with the implementation of these applications.

The Activities of the Cyber ​​Vision Research Group ( involve the creation of new concepts and algorithms for geometric analysis, with emphasis on spectral methods, differential geometry, complex networks and mathematical / statistical physics , And their applications in neuroinformatics, bioinformatics (gene expression), investigations on visual perception, as well as methods for the analysis of microscopic images in biology and materials science.

The main goal of the scientific computing group (GCC) is to integrate Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics into theoretical and applied studies aimed at uncovering scientific challenges. The lines of interest of the GCC are: Computational Vision, Image Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Artifical Intelligence and Nonlinear Sciences. The main mathematical tools investigated are: Fractals, Chaos Theory, Multiscale Analysis, Automatos and Complex Networks. Research applications include: biodiversity, plant biology, bioinformatics, materials science (nano-surface analysis) and cryptography. The main motivation of the group is to think of Science as a symbiosis between different areas of study, where each area is interconnected. In this paradigm, multidisciplinarity promotes the progress of science.

  Faculty Staff   Phone:
Carlos Antônio Ruggiero+55 16 33739883
Gonzalo Travieso+55 16 33739857
Luciano da Fontoura Costa+55 16 33739858
Odemir Martinez Bruno+55 16 33738728
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