Group of Molecular Biotechnology

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Alessandro Silva Nascimento

Secretariat Office:
Elizabete dos Santos Ribeiro –
Phone:  +55 16 3364-8072


Comprising two faculty / researchers, the Molecular Biotechnology group conducts interdisciplinary research in the field of molecular biology, biophysics and biotechnology, using a wide range of experimental and computational techniques. In the group the mechanisms of action of proteins are studied, with emphasis on proteins associated to cellulose degradation for the generation of second generation biofuels (Bioenergy) and on transcription factors of the family of Hormonal Nuclear Receptors (Molecular Endocrinology). The group has an interdisciplinary environment that contains physicists, chemists, biologists and pharmacists, and collaborations with engineering and medical groups in Brazil and abroad. The group is one of the collaborators protagonists of Brazilian bioenergy programs, with participation in the National Institute of Science and Biotechnology for Bioethanol (INCT), the Center for Biological and Industrial Processes for Biofuels (CeproBio / FP7), and the Thematic Energy Pole Renewables and the Environment (poleTErRA), a unit of NAP in Bioenergy and Sustainability of USP..



  Faculty Staff   Phone
Alessandro Silva Nascimento+55 16 33648075
Igor Polikarpov+55 16 33648076
  Research and Administrative Staff   Ramal
Elizabete dos Santos Ribeiro+55 16 33648072
João Fernando Possatto+55 16 33648073
Josimar Luiz Sartori+55 16 33648073
Maria Auxiliadora Morim Santos+55 16 33648074
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