Group of Biophysics and Structural Biology (BBE)

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Richard Charles Garratt

Secretariat office :
Lhaís Visentin –
Phone: +55 16 3373-9874 or 3373-9875

The Biophysics and Structural Biology group “Sérgio Mascarenhas” (BBE) undertakes research in the area of protein biophysics and structural biology, as well as interdisciplinary studies involving molecular biology, microbiology and scientific outreach. Our work is focused on the following topics:
• protein-protein and protein-lipid interactions, specifically involving cytoskeletal proteins;
• studies of oil reservoir bacteria to characterize the microbial diversity of the environment as well as their industrial applications;
• bacterial signaling mediated by cyclic dinucleotide;
• proteins involved in the degradation of biocompounds, pollutants and bioremediation;
• proteins involved in DNA replication and repair complexes from parasitic protozoa;
• identification and characterization of free-living protozoa as well as the giant viruses that infect them.

IFSC Building CFBio Area 2
  Faculty Staff   Phone
Ana Paula Ulian de Araújo+55 16 33739834
João Renato Carvalho Muniz+55 16 33736668
Leila Maria Beltramini+55 16 33739837
Luis Felipe Santos Mendes+55 16 33738789
Nelma Regina Segnini Bossolan+55 16 33738100
Otaciro Rangel Nascimento+55 16 33739838
Otavio Henrique Thiemann+55 16 33738089
Richard Charles Garratt+55 16 33739846
  Research and Administrative Staff   Phone
Andressa Patricia Alves Pinto+55 16 33738094
Derminda Isabel de Moraes+55 16 33738094
Gislaine Costa dos Santos+55 16 33739159 (736693)
Humberto D'Muniz Pereira+55 16 33736753
José Fernando de Lima+55 16 33736754
Rafael Spadaccia Panhota+55 16 33738094
Susana Andrea Sculaccio Beozzo+55 16 33736775
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